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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Year 6 Residential Week 6th -10th June


Day 1

Our year 6s all left this morning at 10am and have just arrived(3pm) in Shropshire. They are just now unpacking the coach ahead of this evenings activities. Tonight's activities include bouldering, climbing and /or orienteering. Hopefully they will eventually manage some sleep (at some point), ahead of tomorrow's Hill climb. They call it a hill climb but it is a mountain climb up the beautiful Long Mynd. 

Further updates daily!!!


Day 2

After quite an early night with lights out at 10.30pm, which wasn't too bad for the first night they are now up and ready for today. Only two rooms were awake by 7am and the rest remained snoring. After breakfast they embark on a morning of hill walking before they move into their groups after lunch for: a blind trail, compass work, Jacobs ladder or low ropes. The weather was a little dull but I am sure it will brighten up before long. 


Day 3

Day three has arrived with some very tired children already. A very busy day yesterday and as Mrs Skelton said, "Children have been brilliant but are shattered". They were in bed well before 10pm last night with some rooms asleep before anyone else. This morning they were much later than 7am waking up, so it shows that the days are full ones. Breakfast today was a lovely cooked breakfast with sausage and beans and a choice of fruit and more. Today's events include: swimming, crate staking, archery, zip wire and compass work. This evening is probably the long queue for the smallest tuck shop but I bet it will be worth it!


Day 4

All woke up to a lovely sunny morning, an action packed day has commenced starting with Mini Olympics, followed by Bivi, Zip Wire, the Obstacle course and finally Abseil. Wow I think there maybe some sleepy heads this evening.


Day 5

The final day has arrived!!!! They are all up and busy packing before breakfast. They have two more activities this morning ,including volley ball, team building or abseiling. They will be leaving at lunch but we will parent mail when they leave and journey updates.