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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Friday Fun

Good morning,

Today is a chance for you and your parents to breathe! There is no school work as us Teachers are having INSET and completing many ,many exciting things for you. Mum’s and Dad’s can work away and you can for once ;maybe have a lay in,go for a long walk,play in the garden,ride your bike and even play online (even though I say that very quietly and it hopefully isn’t all day).

If you wanted a few inspirations for the day and a few ideas of what to do so you are not moaning all day and saying ,’I’M BORED’ .There is no reason to!!!!!!

  1. Watch your favourite movie

  2. Collect sticks and then build a den in the garden (I know it’s cold and muddy but sometimes that is better)

  3. If Mum or Dad are free ,go on a bike ride or a long crisp winter walk,put your wellies on and walk in the mud (I will be doing both this weekend,especially the muddy bit!)

  4. Bake – be inspired by our famous face on bake off and make something (A few recipes below)

  5. Crafts – Make a valentine card or a thinking of you card that we can send to one of our Nursing homes, I am sure the elderly residents would love that. Make some friendship cards for your friends ,post them off as you are not seeing them now.Paint or colour some pictures that you can send to Nan and Grandad and all of your family you are missing. The perfect thing to send to your family! AU-T-2977-Valentines-Day-I-Love-You-This-Much-Fold-Out-Paper-Hands_ver_2

  6. Enter our Competition – See yesterday’s post! 

Please remember to share these activities ,you can dojo me and send Mrs O’Connor all of your lovely bakes,crafts,pictures or you can dojo your teachers and I will look at their page (I like being nosy!!!!!)