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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Class News (30.6.23)

It’s been another busy week in Year 5!   In Maths we’ve been practising our division and multiplication skills through word problems and by creating visual representations called bar models to help us answer them.  In English we’ve finished writing a debate exploring the different viewpoints of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as to why they should or shouldn’t kill King Duncan. Then we’ve moved onto examining the murder scene and writing a police report about it. We’ve had some fantastic ideas which we’ve shared with the rest of the class.

In Science we’ve continued with our investigation to see if we could grow new plants from different parts of the parent plant. In our groups we’ve planted: lemon pips into soil and sand to see which will grow the best, strawberry runners into soil and sand and vegetable tops onto soil, sand and water.  We’ll spend the next few weeks watching our plants and seeds to see what happens to them.


In RE we’ve been Investigating why Muslims fast during Ramadan in our ‘Other Religions’ unit and how it shows their devotion to Allah. In PE we’ve been practising our athletic skills and this week we learnt the basics of long distance running!


Many congratulations to our Writer and Stars of the Week as well!


Have a good weekend and, if you’re coming to St Joseph’s Summer Fete, have a very enjoyable time. Take care and stay safe.


Best wishes

Mrs Howard