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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Year 6

Residential updates

Day 1

The children arrived happy and safe yesterday afternoon (updated via parent mail) and settled into their Yurts before embarking on a fun filled afternoon and evening of Orienteering and a quiz. I think while Lights out was a little after 10.30pm ,I think they took a little longer to become quieter and eventually sleep.

Day 2

An early morning this morning.All were up and dressed for my first message at 7.30am.After breakfast they look forward to ;Quidditch,Jacobs ladder,Get connected,bushcraft shelter building,nightline and then tonight they have mini Olympics after dinner. They will certainly sleep well tonight!

Day 2 was certainly a busy day.The sun shone all day and I do believe a few burnt noses from staff (if only they had read the packing list!).The children are enjoying themselves,have settled well into their yurts and are certainly enjoying their meal times after such vigorous activities.The nights are very cold but they snuggled up and had a much earlier night. Most asleep before 10pm.

Day 3

This morning they are up and dressed and ready for breakfast. The weather is a little overcast but hopefully the sun will shine later. Today they have abseiling,an environmental art activity,bushcraft -firelighting,fencing,team games and a scrapheap challenge to end the day.


Wednesday update- I did visit yesterday afternoon and I can assure that they are all fine. I visited while they were actively engaged in fire lighting.By they end ,after lots of patience and perseverance each group did light their fire using their baby,teenager and adult sticks.One group even encouraged their fire with a catchy song and named it.

They really are enjoying and actively involved in their activities. They have settled into a routine ,especially now that they realise the day is very very long if they get up when the sun rises!

The children's behaviour and manners have been commented on several times by other school staff,Kingswood team leaders,other pupils and yesterday the Kitchen staff came over to praise them for being quiet,polite and a pleasure to serve while they were eating lunch. True commendations of what we all already know.

I had a quick peak inside their rooms and I have to say they were perfect!Beds made,everything away,even towels drying ,not just living on the floor. You should expect the same on their return :-) 

The evening did get very cold but they are learning to layer  up as the evenings and nights are cold,especially with the constant wind that seems to grace Kingswood but the food is good and they now have a nightly hot chocolate with the log burner ,which looked really cosy .all before bed. 


Day 4

I am so glad I am not there today ,as they begin the day exploring mini beasts. Not for me! They also have areoball, archery a wellness workshop,high equilibrium and of course the disco. I heard all about the plans for the disco. I know who the designated hair dresser is ,what outfits they are wearing and the dilemma of what trainers to wear.The story of my life :-)


Thursday was another fantastic day. A little later to bed after all the excitement of the Disco but they slept well.


Day 5

They are up and ready for breakfast and surprise surprise they are all packed already. This morning they have the long awaited Leap of faith which they are excited for.Lunch is at 12pm before hopefully loading the coach for 1pm. The office will update you on expected time of arrival later on in the day but they are expected before the end of the school day. Please allow space outside the school for the coach to park and turn safely. 


I know the staff have had a fantastic week but of course this has been a big undertaking and commitment from them which shows their dedication to your children.I know that you to are as grateful and appreciative of their support as I am.