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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Minutes from meeting 1 (2022)

Meeting Minutes 1 (09.03.22)


  1. Will there be any school trips ?Yes were are aiming to book for summer term
  2. Will year 5 be having a sleepover /mini residential this year like previous year 5s?We are looking into a year 5 retreat.If this isn’t possible then we will not be having a sleepover as that is year 4
  3. How are the table plans decided in the class? Ie; who sits with who? as a couple of parents feel their child is not benefiting from sitting where they are. Is it as per learning levels??Decided by the class teacher.
  4. Has the school received any covid learning payments  money, will there be any extra teaching for the children etc?Interventions are within class, year 5 booster towards summer 2. No payments apart from pupil premium
  5. Thank you for all the after school clubs back on
  6. Why do the children not always manage to do PE on their allocated days? A couple of parents have stressed they feel it’s important for well being and the children come in to school in their kit but then get told it won’t get done on some occasions.They should be having it on Wednesday and Friday with the PE coach.They won’t have outdoor if wet or icy
  7. Big thank you to Mrs Howard for great communication and support also to TA for her support. children and parents are happy.
  8. Thank you also for giving the spellings a week in advance now as it gives the children more time to learn along with their other homework .
  9. Advance notice for events now parents are invited . Dates are in the newsletter. We will add to calendar and have restructured the newsletter so clear. A parent mail will go out with a reminder this week to check these areas.
  10. Additional wellbeing support for some classes
  11. Athletics will start after Easter
  12. Swimming we are looking into
  13. Could year 3 read aloud in class to build confidence?
  14. Consistency among classes for homework – Policy states – uploaded on class news /paper copy if teacher deems it necessary for differentiation. If parents need a paper copy the office can help.
  15. Notice board on junior playground