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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Class News (30.9.22)

Well done Year 5 for another good week!  I’m so pleased with how well you’re learning your spellings each week.  We’ve been looking at consonant suffix endings in our Spelling lessons and you’ve been able to identify them in other subjects too. Next week we’ll be learning about vowel suffix endings.


In Maths we moved on from placing 6 digit numbers on number lines to rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 and I’m so pleased with your work.


In English we’ve been planning and writing a report on our book ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaiman with the focus on writing multi-clause sentences using co-ordinating conjunctions.


We’ve continued with our study of Ancient Egypt in History learning about the importance of the river Nile and in RE we’ve been discussing God’s message about us being made in his image and being the guardians of the Earth and loving and caring for each other as well as the animals, plants etc. on the planet.


We had hoped to be able to record how the rotation of the Earth creates day and night using our own sundials in the school playground for our Science this week. But, once again, the weather wasn’t kind to us so instead we looked at the different phases of the moon and discussed how sometimes it looks a different shape at different times of the month. We learnt that this depends on the position of the moon during its orbit of Earth and how the Sun reflects light upon it throughout the month making it appear as if it’s a different shape.


Our week finished with a lovely Buddy Assembly where Year 6 presented their buddies from Reception to the rest of the class.  They told us all about their buddies and pledged to support them throughout this year.


Many congratulations to our writer and stars of the week. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week. Take care.

Best wishes

Mrs Howard