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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus


It has been a very busy and quick week!


In English, we have been planning our final story in preparation for writing our final piece next week. I have read all the plans, and I am very excited to read 30 different suspense and mystery stories!


We did a couple more lessons in maths around percentages and how to apply our fluency skills to problem solving and reasoning. We will start on Monday with 3D shapes, moving on to Tuesday with the translation of shapes!


In science this week, we have recapped life cycles. We have worked scientifically by presenting data in a variety of ways. We sorted and classified different life cycles to identify similarities and differences. We also played a couple of games to remember the vocabulary that we had already been taught in previous year groups.


In our history lesson, we looked at the Anglo-Saxon and Mayans’ homes. The children looked at the exterior and interior and found similarities and differences for both. Children looked at how to construct a conclusion from the information that they found.


We have learned how to do the recovery position and what to do in an emergency—a life skill! We need to remember to stay calm in situations; otherwise, other people or you could also become seriously hurt. Our discussion did lead to CPR and what this was. The children were very mature, interested, and had some very good and challenging questions.


Our RSE also led to some really grown-up conversations and thoughtful questions. We will continue with RSE next week too, as our discussions took up a lot of our time.


Well done to the stars and writers this week:

Stars  - Bellisa and Amiee 

Writer - Ella