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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Week 5

We have had an influential week learning about the powerful, inspirational black women for Black History Month. As the theme of this year is ‘Saluting Our Sisters’, we have focused on Aretha Franklin, Lilian Bader, and Wilma Rudolph. We have also heard in the celebration assembly about other inspirations and their journeys. We will continue looking at Black History throughout the year, with a particular focus this month. Next week, we have some workshops, which I am super excited about, and I can’t wait for the children to be inspired and join in. Come back here next week to find out what happened!


In maths this week, we have been focusing on negative numbers and working out problems in context, such as the weather or money. We also moved on to looking at numbers with three decimal places and ordering them using the more and less than symbols. Next week, we will continue looking at these and putting them in order.


We are starting to write our final pieces for our class anthology. Across the week, we have been looking at how we can add detail by using multi-clause sentences by increasing the subordinating conjunctions we use in sentences. Moving through our monster book, we have looked at how brackets are used for parenthesis. Looking through different non-fiction books, we found that brackets have been used for additional information, definitions, and directing the reader to another part of the book. We will be using these in our own writing next week by creating our own monster.


In science, we have looked at soluble and insoluble materials and have developed on this by thinking about how we can get the solution back to its original form. We started off by heating the solutions to find out what happened. We will continue this next week.


In RE, we have finished our first topic, looking at ourselves. We will be moving on to our new topic called ‘belonging’.


In Spanish, we have been using phrases to say ‘Hello, how are you?, I am feeling... and goodbye’. We will be continuing this over the next couple of weeks and moving on to colours and numbers.

Well done to our stars and writers!