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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Wise Bear Updates

Hi everyone,

Scott Cranfield has sent us a newsletter in which you may find some useful things to use for mental wellbeing.


In this newsletter I am going to focus on two things…


Free Webinar: With so many children needing to home-school, I wanted to give you this special treat… it’s a webinar I recorded during the early phase of lockdown and based on the feedback it really hit the mark and helped many parents. I want to offer you this webinar here for free, you will need 35 minutes and an open mind to pick up some great ideas that will be helpful regardless if your child is home-schooling or not.

Click this link to watch.

Anxiety: Even hearing the word can send shivers down many parent’s spines! Anxiety can be caused by many things, but the good news is with a simple understanding you as a parent can help reduce and even dissolve this anxiety in your child.

So whether your child is experiencing anxiety about returning to school, not seeing their friends, friendship issues, being away from you, whatever it is the principles of how you can help remain the same, so be sure to watch the short video mentioned below.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and more importantly get something of value form it. Please share any thoughts or ask any questions by emailing me

Here is to your child’s inspired journey….


 Author of The Wise Bear Stories


Back To School Anxiety

Anytime we haven’t done something for a long time, or what we are used to has changed can lead to anxiety, worry, concern etc. This is a very real concern for many parents and children who have recently returned to school.

The good news is with a simple understanding you as a parent can help reduce and even dissolve this anxiety in your child.

Watch this brief video to understand how.

Back to School Anxiety

I will now be adding a new video each week exclusively on YouTube so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.


The 1 Minute ‘Bonding’ Tip:

In this section I will share a fast tip that you can read in under a minute, that is designed to enhance communication and connection with your child…

I am going to continue the theme of anxiety and it doesn’t matter if it relates to returning to school, the fact is worry, concern and anxiety are all part of the same chain and as a parent you can help reduce this in a similar way.

We are going to do this with a little role play framework for you to use when your child presents you with something, they are worried about… so, lets assume your child has shared their concern. Now use the framework below to help you reduce their concern without them feeling like they are being coached…

“gosh, that would worry me to, or make me upset” (and then pause)
“but you know what for me to be concerned or upset about this I would have to think about it in this way”…. (here you drop in what the negative your child is likely to be thinking about to cause the concern)
“Thinking about it in this way would definitely make me concerned or worried” Then ask them….
“What would you have to believe to reduce your concern?” (this is where you are asking your child to re-think the situation and come up with a new way of looking at the concern) Depending on the response you might need to help with…
How will it benefit you (help you) dealing with this situation/facing this challenge (use the appropriate words to the situation) it is far more powerful your child finding benefits rather than just being told them.

Of course, depending on your child’s age and the situation you will need to change the framework to suit you, but I hope the general concept makes sense and helps.



Wow this was absolutely amazing! I read the bullying one to my children 4 & 5yrs old and they both found benefits to their challenging situations at school and nursery! It brought a tear to my eye as my eldest child was being bullied at the beginning of the school year and now she has seen the benefits to it. Absolutely fantastic work and I am sure you will have a lot of success with this. Well done!

Jeminee Solanki