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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Time to say goodbye!

This year we have managed to stay together in many ways ,but sadly none have been in person.We have shared talent shows,fun days,sports days,winning houses,treats and assemblies.All these we managed remotely in many ways. On Friday we finally managed to gather as a whole school family. We remained in our bubbles and we were  joined by Fr John to say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils. 


We shared their dreams and wishes for the future with a beautiful prayer service and balloon release.



The start of something new,not the end.

Memories created ,friendships made and journeys travelled.

Our Primary years are just the start ,the first stepping stones to a successful life.

A time when you are allowed to just be you. A time to start finding out how to be

independent,how to talk to others,how to build relationships and friendships.Sometimes how to fall out.

Take time to look back ,remember and smile.

No tears or sadness as this is just the start. One step at a time you’ll take to greatness.


You will always have friends

You will always have your family

You will always be loved

You will always be successful

No matter where you are ,just remember and be yourself.

Year 6 Leavers prayer

 Loving and Caring God,

As I come to the end of my time at Primary School,

I reflect on the years since I began school.

Some of the building blocks of my life have happened here without my even knowing it:

reading and writing, skills that will grow and that I will use throughout my life.

If I look back on my first days at school,

 everybody else in the school seemed very big.

 Now, I am at the top of the school and I don’t feel quite so big!

But I am getting ready now to move on, to new challenges,

to a new sense of belonging, to a new identity.

As I do so, help me always to remember a phrase that can accompany me now and in the future:

Do this in Memory of Me!

Help me, Lord, to remember and not to forget:

that as a child of your family, at any age,

I can pray and ask for your guidance;

that as a follower of yours,

I can make a difference in the world by speaking the truth;

 that as a member of the human family,

I can act responsibly and lead others to do the same.

Bless all those who have been part of my journey so far:

my family my friends my teachers and all of the staff at my school.

Keep me in your care, Lord, throughout the summer.

Keep me safe.

May every day of my life be an opportunity to give back to you the gratitude I have for the gift of life you have given me.


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Good luck year 6!


Happy Summer Everyone!