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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

International Week

Celebrating Our International week

Monday 16th May to Friday 20th May


I am so pleased to write to you today to share our plans for our long-awaited International week. During Covid we haven’t been able to hold these events in the same way but this year we would like our international week to be a celebration of us all. Our traditions, cultures and history. We will also celebrate cultures and traditions from all over the world through the many activities we have planned.

To make this event a success and a true celebration we will need your support. I hope the following information clarifies the activities and the support needed.



Celebrating and learning about each other

International dress up – Children are invited to come to school in traditional clothes or national colours to celebrate to celebrate their culture/nationality


We would love to have parents visit us to share your cultures and traditions and to also celebrate your cultural clothes.This is an opportunity for parents to help inform our children and for us to celebrate each other.


Parents ,if you are able to visit your child’s class to share then please contact the class teacher via dojo and they will inform you of the most suitable time.



Art around the world


Music and dance

We will be sharing and learning about the different music around the world and musical traditions and history.

Miss Cicero will be leading classes in learning and performing dances from around the world.


International food day

This is an opportunity for all of our communities to come together and share your amazing national dishes. Historically at St Joseph’s this has always been a fantastic event supported by many, many parents.

This event will take place in the afternoon and parents can arrive from 12.30pm to set up. The kitchen’s will not be available for use HFL staff will still be onsite, but we will provide tables.


Each class will have an opportunity of visiting each countries table and tasting your wonderful food. In the past we have celebrated and shared many,many African dishes, Italian food, as well as Spanish and Polish.This year it would be amazing to celebrate as many of our cultures as we can.


If you as a parent or a parent group are able to support us then please contact the office. If you are unable to support with food but can help our children then we would also truly appreciate the support.


Finally, if any parents want to show the children how to make /cook then you are very welcome to attend your child’s class so please make contact with the class teacher via dojo for this activity.   


Celebration assembly .

Celebrating all the learning this week in various ways